Current Albums by Dave Stewart


Smooth Appalachian Jazz

Just released. Smooth Jazz using Appalachian instruments, banjos, mandolins, guitars.

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Christmas Selections

This is an ongoing album with new songs each Christmas. It is a free Christmas gift for anyone who wants to listen. Come Christmas Spirit! We could use a lot more of peace and goodwill to men all year long!

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I started a second album, "Call of the Wild - God in the Mountains". It is about spiritual things.

After this year of Covid, I have recorded 15 songs that I have written over the years since the 70's until now. This is Revision 1. I plan to get some musician friends to help me make it better for Revision 2. Meantime, please enjoy what I have so far. This album is released for distribution on Jan. 16 2021.

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I am also making videos of these songs

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This is my first album. It is in bluegrass style.

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